I organized the wine closet . . .

. . . and I kind of hate myself because it feels gluttonous for one person to have so much. But then I think, “Why hate myself for something I like if I have the means and it’s not hurting anyone? I am supporting wineries after all.”But then I think, “Well, it is kind of…

The hornet nest

For most of summer 2019, I was wary of this grey football hanging low in the maple tree. When viewed from a distance, maybe two or three workers would congregate by the entrance. Like animated bar-patrons, seen from the street, telling stories and braving the cold for a smoke in mid winter. But get closer,…


“We shall have our little day.” . . . Dororthy Parker’s opening line. She was brilliantly/bluntly poeting the inhale and exhale of romantic relationships and I can relate. All of mine, thus far, too, have fallen to an imbalance of desire. However the sentiment applies to most things. A spark and a fizzle; a best…

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